Sunday, November 30, 2014


As many of you will know, I've four other blogs to run.  None have been updated for a few months.  (Writer's block + work committments).
Have decided I'll be able to keep one blog going in the short term.  We'll see later on if I'm able to update this one more often.

Which blog to post regularly?

Using the random method of a game of "Eenie meenie miney mo", a blog was chosen.  It wasn't this one.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Living Free

Scrub Bull - in the wild
This cleanskin scrubber bull photographed by pure chance as he drank from a billabong on Cape York Pensinsula.  I wish I'd had a better lens. The scene & subject deserve better justice than I've done it.

This bull has lived to mature age without ever being yarded, caught or anything else. He's sure to be a wily old fellow. Looking at the country behind him, he'd be very hard to catch in that country.

This is December, just before the onset of the monsoon.  Most bush water will have dried up after about 10 months of hot humid weather with no rain.  The open grassy foreground is simply dried swamp bed.  After the rainy season all that you see will be well under water.

The photo would look much better without that fence in it.  The fence encloses an area of about 2 acres.  I've a feeling it is the residue of an abandoned/failed trial of some sort.  The fence is supposed to kangaroo & other animal proof.  (This points to it being the handiwork of a university or other non-pragmatic government outfit, as no way in the world is that fence going to stop anything.)  Inside of the fence is eaten out from some pigs or something getting stuck in there, if I recall correctly.  The fence went into the water & some of those nice waterlilies were included in the enclosed area.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tea Time

Roadside tea break.
A billy boils.  This one is made from a powdered milk tin, with a handle made of fencing wire.  I'm not sure I've ever seen any other construction.  Though at times I've seen flour drums used, when making tea for a large group.

Tea is made by boiling water in the tin can (billy), then adding tea leaves into the boiling water.  The resulting brew can slightly smoky in flavour (depending upon circumstances) which need not be a bad thing, given the preponderance of cheap tea leaves in the bush, and the  variation in mineral, sediment & other content of the water.

There is sufficient pictorial information in this photo to deduce where it is taken, for those who are familiar with Australia.  You should be able to get within 10-15% of the continental land mass, possibly much less.

The references in the photo are cultural, economic, and of course natural.

The cultural references are heavily nuanced, very specific, and won't be grasped by more than a very small percentage of the population.

I'll update with more information in a week or so.

Update:  Well that was much longer than a week!  The clue is in the type of soil, the type of vegetation, the amount of money that has been spent on the highway (note the highway is gravel only) and the man in the photo is wearing a combination of shearer's moccassins with the clothes (especially hat) of a stockman from large scale open range cattle country.